Environmental, Social and Governance

Eagle LNG is providing clean, secure and affordable energy to markets in the Caribbean basin.

Our goal is help our partners achieve their environment targets by displacing oil and supporting the development of renewables. Recognizing that no market or customer is too small, Eagle LNG helps our partners transition to cleaner and less carbon-intensive natural gas. We believe LNG is a bridge to a hydrogen future and inclusion of renewable natural gas (RNG) strategies that will further help reduce greenhouse gasses and address climate change.

Eagle LNG is committed to:

  • Its investors, regulators, and customers to do more to help meet climate change objectives and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing and financing goals
  • Reducing or offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Green LNG by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and offsetting GHG emissions associated with some of our LNG value chain
  • Reducing emissions at our LNG liquefaction facilities by using efficient liquefication technology 

  Reduce co2 20-30%

  90%+ Less Particulate Matter

  Lower NOx Emissions 75%

The following material safety data sheets (MSDS) provide detailed information about natural gas.