Power Generation

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LNG to Power

LNG power is steadily claiming its position as a quick, long-term power solution. And Eagle is at the forefront of this strategy – providing an efficient, affordable and clean-burning energy source. In addition to providing direct environmental benefits as a fuel, natural gas and LNG can help promote the use of renewable fuels. The ability to burn natural gas for power generation is an ideal complement to renewable energy generation – like wind and solar power – which can be intermittent and inconsistent. Natural gas power plants can be quickly turned on and off to help provide consistent electricity production when solar or wind resources fluctuate.

Eagle specializes in creating reliable virtual pipelines to supply your LNG needs.

Image of three brushed steel LNG storage tanks against a backdrop of fields and a a sun filled sky of yellow and muted orange

When natural gas is used for electricity generation, it produces 45-55% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than coal and 20% less than oil. Natural gas is also one of the solutions to resolving the global air pollution problem, as it emits virtually no sulphur or particles. Eagle LNG strives to cultivate strong, proactive, consistent relationships with our partners while preserving the environments/countries that receive our supply. In addition to our risk-sharing business model, we also work to leverage a customer’s terminal to reduce costs during the life of the receiving terminal.

On-Site LNG

Eagle’s team of leaders with expertise in these areas aligns with natural gas utilities and on-site power generation users to design custom LNG supply, storage, and regasification options. We work to add capacity for your LNG supply, which allows independence from costly imports. Additionally, when purchasing U.S.-produced LNG from Eagle LNG, you’ll not only have abundant gas supply, but also the security of a consistent and stable price. Our partnership approach is founded on a flexible philosophy that extends from the natural gas supply to the LNG delivery. Our customers are the core of all commercial arrangements, recognizing that each party holds economic investments and risks, and shares those stakes with collaboration and transparency.

LNG has been around for decades and with Eagle LNG’s 15+ years of experience it’s an easy fuel source change.

Image of a large, horizontally positioned LNG cylinder storage tank, painted bright white with the Eagel LNG logo in dark blue on the side

LNG can be leveraged by industrial users for power generation, combined heat & power (CHP) and manufacturing by converting industrial equipment to natural gas. LNG can be stored in cylindrical metal tanks – a simple design that facilitates safety and the regasification of natural gas, when and where it is needed. LNG offers a solution that is affordable, reliable, and resilient.

While we are proud of our industry knowledge and solid experience, our real success is built on sound partnerships with companies creating smart, robust solutions that exceed the highest standards in the industry.