Eagle LNG Partners Says Partnerships Necessary for LNG Bunkering Solutions

Eagle LNG Partners is a member of SEA/LNG, a multi-sector industry coalition that was created to accelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel. Eagle LNG and SEA/LNG share a vision of a competitive global LNG value-chain for cleaner maritime shipping by 2020.

Recently SEA/LNG asked Eagle LNG’s president, Sean Lalani, “What message do you have for ship owners regarding LNG as a marine fuel?”

Lalani’s response, “LNG options are available today.  Look at your entire program for 2020 compliance and where LNG will play a role.   Partnerships and collaboration between the LNG supplier, the ship owner, the ship yard and the Class Society is necessary when designing a long-term bunkering solution.”  See link below: