Innovative Solutions to Power Aruba

Innovative Solutions to Power Aruba

Eagle LNG and RDA signed a letter of exclusivity for the development of a natural gas facility in Aruba.

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Stimulus & Investment in Aruba

Investing $100m (182,000,000 florin) in frastructure directly in Aruba to create jobs and reduce energy cost by 100's of millions of florins, and reduce the air pollution nad carbon emmissions of electricity production while helping to revitalize 'Refineria di Aruba'.

Immediate Impact

Approximately 80 to 100 construction jobs during construction period.

Long Term Impact

Create 10 - 20 permanent high skilled jobs at the terminal for 20+ years. Will also require port captains, tug boats etc. for docking ship, not necessarily new jobs but more work for the people who have those jobs. These numbers could easily rise when LNG is exported or used to bunker ships, also when we do on-island distribution and even break bulk to neighboring countries.

Environment Impact

Lower CO2 Emissions
Lower Particulate Emissions
Lower Nox Emissions
Lower Sox Emissions

The Age of Gas Brings the Pathway to Zero Carbon

The introduction of gas using LNG to Aruba opens up new pathways to zero carbon that do not require the use of large amounts of land. This includes introducing renewable natural gas from naturally occurring sources such as garbage dumps and livestock digesters, and introducing hydrogen in the future. Aruba will be in the right way to comply with the agreement or treaty of Paris 2050, about CO2 emission.

Energy & Water Costs

Cost Reductions - In 2019 alone using LNG would have cost 30-25% less than HFO, this lower cost of energy would have been directly passed onto the electricity and water consumers of Aruba.

Foreign Investment - Competitively priced and cleaner energy will attract foreign investments.

Unlocking the Future

Marine Bunkering

Powering Aruba with LNG will attract the newest and most modern cruise ships and container ships. Did you know almost all new cruise ships use LNG to be environmentally friendlier? Eagle LNG already bunkers the two most modern containerships in the Caribbean with LNG on a weekly basis and has bunkered  other ships like renewable bio-diesel carriers going to Europe.

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LNG can be distributed across the island and shipped to neighboring island to replace expensive polluting fuels, should use this to lead into the next point and foreign investment. Eagle LNG already does this in the Caribbean etc.

LNG vessel

New Industries in Aruba

Lower and cleaner energy will allow for new industry.

New Technology Development and Skills

The Age of Gas goes beyond LNG. Humanity’s future will be powered with even lower carbon solutions, particularly hydrogen. LNG is a step in that journey and the infrastructure and skills developed in Aruba will be transferrable to hydrogen developments around the world in the future.

Aruba LNG

U.S Natural Gas - Low, Stable and Reliable Energy Costs for Generations

  • Shipping – Proximity to Eagle LNG Liquefaction site equals faster and direct shipping. This translates into lower cost natural gas for Aruba
  • Economical – lower cost of natural gas for Aruba, more job creation
  • Safer – a proven safety record with well-established standards, guidelines and operating protocols
  • Cleaner – no harm to reef due to utilization of existing marine infrastructure
  • Import Terminal in RdA - Building a terminal in RdA is the best in terms of job creation, cost and the environment, can use existing marine infrastructure meaning no harm is done to the reef compared to other proposed possible locations for the terminal from other parties.
  • Pipeline to WEB - New pipeline will be built along existing pipeline and will be trenched, underground instead of above ground like current HFO pipeline in some places. That makes it safer and helps create more local construction jobs.

Project Partners

Eagle LNG

Eagle LNG is a privately held and operated portfolio company of The Energy & Minerals Group. Eagle LNG provides affordable, efficient and clean burning energy.  It develops fully integrated, small-scale LNG solutions for marine industries as well as bespoke project development for power generation in the Caribbean and Latin America. Eagle LNG is based in Houston, Texas.

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About RDA

Refineria di Aruba N.V. (RdA), was incorporated on October 1st, 2016, under the laws of Aruba to be the landlord of the properties that Land Aruba acquired from the transfer & master settlement agreement with Valero Aruba Holding. The Government of Aruba is the sole shareholder of RdA N.V.

WEB Aruba

WEB Aruba became an independent company in January 1992.WEB Aruba and N.V. ELMAR were incorporated as separate companies into Utilities Aruba NV, a holding company with the Government of Aruba as the sole shareholder.



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