Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville, FL

The proposed LNG facility will serve both domestic and international markets. Eagle LNG will receive and liquefy natural gas, temporarily store the produced LNG, and periodically load LNG onto ocean-going vessels for export to countries currently using heavy fuel oil or diesel for power generation, as well as for use in domestic marine fueling. The company is seeing increased demand for LNG to serve small scale export markets, while domestic demand for LNG, to displace diesel and other petroleum fuels, continues to develop.

LNG has become an increasingly attractive fuel choice as the marine industry prepares for new 2015 enforcement of the North American Emission Control Area, the International Maritime Organization’s international air pollution control program which limits sulfur emissions and effectively bans the use of bunker fuel within 200 miles of the United States. As the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon, natural gas improves air quality because it emits low levels of nitrogen oxides and virtually no particulates when used as a transportation fuel. In addition, natural gas produces 25 percent less CO2 emissions than oil, and 50 percent less CO2 emissions than coal.

The project will occupy a 194-acre parcel that is zoned for industrial activity, in an area that currently hosts other bulk fuel terminals. The proposed facility will receive natural gas transported by a local utility through existing and expanded pipelines located adjacent to the Jacksonville project site. Eagle LNG will procure electric energy from Jacksonville Electric Authority. The project will have a processing capacity of 1.5 million gallons of LNG per day, with on-site LNG storage of 12 million gallons. Eagle LNG submitted a formal filing for the project to FERC during Q1 2017. The construction is preliminarily scheduled for 2H 2019, and start-up and commissioning for service date 2021.

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Regulatory filings
Preliminary Project Milestones Date
Pre-filing Request Approved by FERC December 3, 2014
Submission of Draft RR1 and RR10 January 2, 2015
Eagle LNG Open House January 14-15
FERC Public Scoping Meeting March 12, 2015
End of Scoping Period April 24, 2015
Responses to Issues Raised During Scoping May 8, 2015
Submission of Draft RRs1-12 May 26, 2015
Submission of Formal Filing Q1 2017
Initiate construction pending FERC approval 2H 2019
Start-up/Commissioning Service Date 2021
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