We’re utilizing our expertise to provide utilities
year-round domestic natural gas fuel assurance.

For decades, the United States’ natural gas utilities have used imported LNG for management of their natural gas distribution systems during demand peaks. However, in recent years utilities have had fuel assurance concerns, particularly in New England where many LNG peak shavers are located. These concerns include pipeline constraints on cold days when utilities cannot get natural gas off the pipeline to supply their customers’ need for heat and other energy requirements. Utilities that meet those needs with an imported LNG supply often face higher fuel prices. Using domestic LNG provides peak shaver plants with the ability to effectively manage both seasonal shortages and higher costs for imported natural gas supplies.  

As any utility executive knows, utilizing LNG as part of your system diversity strategy requires knowledge of logistical, economic, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Eagle LNG has that technical knowledge and is committed to meeting all your LNG management needs. By working closely with natural gas utilities to design LNG supply, storage, and regasification options, appropriately matched with new or existing utility assets, Eagle LNG will add capacity for your domestic LNG supply, providing independence from costly imports.   

Eagle LNG is forging powerful industry partnerships, which allow for the effective integration of your LNG project at every level. Our commitment is to create a sound technical design, an assured fuel supply structure, and an overall strategic and economically sound business model. We partner with utilities to overcome commercial, infrastructure, and regulatory challenges while addressing peak demands in your systems.

*SOURCE: The Center for Liquified Gas 2009 Independent Study 

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