We’re utilizing our expertise to provide utilities and other power providers with stable and cost effective U.S.-produced LNG.

Eagle LNG Partners is committed to providing an affordable, efficient and clean-burning energy source.  Due to the abundant supply of natural gas in the U.S., this creates an energy security that the U.S. can also share with surrounding nations. When purchasing gas internationally, buyers are vulnerable to world gas price fluctuations and inconsistent sourcing due to relying on spot market pricing. By purchasing U.S.-produced LNG from Eagle LNG there is the benefit of abundant gas supply but most importantly, the security of energy knowing supply and price will be consistent and stable. 

Eagle LNG has a competitive advantage by being the producer of the LNG that will be primarily supplied from its proximal Jacksonville, Florida production facility located on-water rather than relying on a third-party supply. Our facilities are designed to procure natural gas from the U.S.’s abundant and secure supply, liquefy and then store the LNG in one of our on-site containment storage tanks. The LNG would then be loaded directly from our storage tank into an ISO container or vessel for shipment.

In addition, the Jacksonville LNG Export Facility located on the St. John’s river is isolated from open water conditions, which can impact transshipment operations. By owning and operating our own facility and marine terminal, Eagle reduces the risks associated with world scale supply and transshipping. 

As any utility or on-site power manager knows, utilizing LNG as part of their system diversity strategy requires knowledge of logistical, economic, regulatory, and environmental challenges. Eagle LNG has that comprehensive knowledge and is committed to meeting their customers LNG management needs. By working closely with natural gas utilities and on-site power generation users to design LNG supply, storage, and regasification options, appropriately matched with new or existing utility assets, Eagle LNG will add capacity for your LNG supply, providing independence from costly imports.  

Eagle LNG’s business philosophy is built on strong partnerships. Eagle understands the energy industry and commercial contracts, but our real success is in building relationships between other like-minded, innovative companies driving to the same solution. By striving to meet the highest standards of their customers and the industry, Eagle LNG Partners establishes long-term relationships that turn into partnerships.

*SOURCE: The Center for Liquified Gas 2009 Independent Study 

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