We’re pursuing a new train of thought with natural gas fueling solutions.

Eagle LNG serves both national and regional railroads by bridging the gap between “napkin” designs and delivery of LNG to rail fueling locations. We are already playing a major role in the evolution of railroads as we implement the use of LNG as a fuel for their locomotives and through participation in industry technical advisory groups, such as the American Association of Railroads. These technical groups are tackling regulatory and operational questions concerning both the use of LNG as a locomotive fuel but also the transport of LNG as a commodity across the nation.

Beginning in the early 19th century, railroads were one of the largest drivers of the industrial revolution that accelerated economic expansion and drove our nation into the future. Once again, the rail industry is at the forefront of the LNG revolution in North America. While the steam to diesel transition took nearly 35 years to complete, the transition from diesel to natural gas could very well be a much quicker transformation.

Through our involvement in providing fuel for Class I LNG programs, we have gained an intimate knowledge of the operations, regulations, and logistics of natural gas for rail. Our rail partners share our vision for the future and have made a commitment to the cost-effective, sustainable promise of LNG. Likewise, we’re committed to working with them to help deliver high-quality natural gas, build the necessary fueling infrastructure, work with regulators and industry committees, develop supply solutions, and drive cost savings at a remarkable pace.

We take a full life-cycle approach to supporting the future of natural gas, and we can help solve operational and regulatory challenges along the entire value chain, from wells to wheels, now and in the future.