We’re developing solutions for high-horsepower applications.

Natural gas fueled high-horsepower applications span a wide range of industries, including oil and gas operations, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, power generation, and more. 

These applications consume billions of gallons of petroleum fuels each year, much of it imported. Natural gas is the smart domestic alternative fuel with positive environmental outcomes.  

Natural gas stored as LNG has a long history of fueling high-horsepower applications, including heavy haul trucks, powering oil and gas generators, supplying off-grid services for asphalt production, and many other industrial uses. Whether you operate dual fuel or dedicated natural gas fueling systems, using LNG will reduce your dependence on diesel, fuel oil or propane while significantly improving your environmental footprint. 

Our team of LNG engineers provides years of experience and expertise throughout the LNG process as we design, implement, and support your conversion projects. Eagle LNG will ensure that your project has the necessary infrastructure and supply chain to drive your success while addressing operational challenges and new regulations.

Eagle LNG provides long-term natural gas solutions by helping companies convert their HHP applications to LNG as a primary fuel source.