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In order to deliver the future of clean natural gas energy solutions we follow through to drive your business forward. We don’t just talk – we do.

We are thinkers, we are innovators, and we are challengers. But we’re also doers. We’re inspired by the prospect of creating customized solutions that are novel, and we’re motivated by the action of rolling up our sleeves and getting them done. Our experience and long-term planning to execute on this vision sets us apart from our competition. 

We develop LNG fueling solutions of all scales and scopes and serve as leaders in the field of utilizing LNG for a range of industrial applications. This means you can expect a powerful partnership that puts you on the path toward a lower cost, smarter, safer, and cleaner energy future.

With technological advancements in production, natural gas is now an abundant domestic resource. It’s also the future of sustainability in which natural gas will transform the way we think about our energy needs…and the way those needs impact our world.

We’re also incredibly proud to be a part of the Ferus group of companies. As a streamlined and nimble operation, we’re able to respond quickly to the changing tides within the industry and swiftly develop solutions to any challenge, but the valuable resources and years of experience that Ferus holds give us the ability to turn our visions into realities. Combining the know-how of the Ferus group of companies with the financial strength and commitment of our sponsor, the Energy & Minerals Group, Eagle LNG is unmatched in its capability to provide solutions to clients considering LNG for fueling and small-scale utility requirements.



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